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Sport dogs or protection dog ?

Many people today are purchasing sport dogs for protection and paying high dollar because of the dogs title.

What’s the difference between sport dogs and a real protection dog ?  Well sport dogs are focused on the reward or toy

from biting such as the sleeve or bite suite and a protection dogs are focused on the man or threat with no equipment

involved.   Equipment must be used in order to build a strong bite, learn how to fight with heavy distractions but

after that the equipment is put away.  Equipment is always used with sport dogs in most cases.  Some sport dogs trainers focus

more on real protection but still most are only field tested rather than tested in real life situations.  When real

protection dog is in training and they are given the sleeve after a bite they refocus on the man or the threat rather

than continue to bite or focus on the equipment ( see picture ).  Sport dogs are praised and runs off with the sleeve

in there mouth as if the game is over.   To build a real protection dog Muzzle work  along with real life situations is a must !

Muzzle work builds fight drive in a dog teaching it to use it’s legs to tackle the threat and bite wherever needed to defend him or herself.

Understand the difference between sport dogs and protection dogs is vital because you life can depend on it.  Whatever you do don’t focus on

Sport titles rather focus on real training and make sure your dog is proofed for real life situation instead of just being field tested.


Pricing for Sport dogs vs Protection dogs

Trainers that are into sport typically spend a lot of money researching pedigree’s to acquire the best pedigreed for sport dogs in order to have

the drives that best fits a sport dog such as “Toy drive or possession” which is a sport dog trait because they want the dog to have high play, prey, and

toy drive  because these are the tools they use for training.   Because of all the time it takes to title sport dogs going to trials competing etc in

field trials that you will never need or use again conditioning the dog for sport sometimes for years, it’s only worth it to them to sell at a high price.

That could be understood if they were classifying what they sell as sport dogs rather than protection dogs and there clients know what there

receiving and there not in the market for protection dogs.

As for protection dogs yes, pedigree is still important in order to understand the quality and history of the dog but most importantly it’s the

temperament!  Real protection dog trainers look for natural protective instincts, stability, great nerves, confidence, and intelligence along with

the drives needed to build a true man stopping stable and social protection dog.  Toy possession is not desired because family protection dogs

are around children and other dogs and a child’s toy can become the dogs at any given time.  As far as pricing although it varies based on the dogs

pedigree and cost associated with receiving the dog or time into the dog, training can take from 3 months to 6 months and more depending on the

level of training and customized work.