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Sport Dogs VS. Protection Dogs

Due to a lack of awareness in many cases, buyers are purchasing Sport Dogs for protection at VERY HIGH PRICES. The prices are not justified because a Sports Dog IS NOT an adequately trained Protection Dog.

The question beckons, “What is the difference between a Sport Dog versus a REAL Protection Dog?” To start, Sport Dogs are trained or conditioned to focus on the reward or the toy rather than the “man”. Although equipment must be used in order to build a strong bite, learn how to fight with heavy distractions, and to gain an understanding of a dual battle; thereafter, the equipment should be put away and focus should transition to the “man” (civil).

In order to build a REAL Protection Dog muzzle work along with introductions to real life situations is essential! Muzzle work increases fight drive, teaches the dog to use its legs to tackle the threat, and aids with the development of the bite to ensure that the dog defends itself however warranted based on the training implemented.

Understanding the difference between Sport dogs and Protection dogs is vital because your life could be compromised due to a lack of qualified effective protection training.

“Toy drive” or “possession” is a typical trait of a Sport Dog. However, real Protection Dogs as a trait are man-focused.

Sports Dogs are a greater threat to individuals or families because of toy possession, which can lead to bodily harm or accidental bites. Whereas, Protection Dogs do not harbor the same possessive trait for items such as toys, balls, tugs and etc.

Sports Dogs also tend to be trained to concentrate their attention and their aggression towards the protective equipment used in sport dog training. This method serves to protect the decoy during training sessions (Schizund, “Bark & Hold”, etc). This is problematic because in REAL-LIFE situations a “THREAT” will not be wearing a sleeve. In contrast, a Real Protection dog, although a sleeve is used during training sessions, IS NOT sleeve-focused. The focus yet again is on the “man” NOT the equipment.

There exists many other distinctions between a Sports Dog and a Real Protection Dog; nevertheless, we wanted to educate you on a few of the more obvious differences.