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World Class K-9 offers a diversity of training options. We are certain that one of the varieties of options will indeed suit your individual needs.

The following will provide an estimated timeframe for the type of training selected:

  • OBEDIENCE TRAINING: approximately 1 month
  • FAMILY PROTECTION TRAINING: approximately 3 to 6 months
  • PERSONAL PROTECTION TRAINING: approximately 3 to 6 months
  • EXECUTIVE PROTECTION TRAINING: approximately 3 to 6 months
  • PUPPY IMPRINTING packaged with FAMILY PROTECTION TRAINING: approximately 6 months to one year

Once serious interest has been established regarding either purchasing a trained dog or pursuing training for your dog, please contact us for a detailed discussion in reference to your personal needs.


Payments for services rendered can be tendered in the form of Cash, Certified Funds, Bank Transfers, or a Cash Application authorized by our company. Sorry, NO CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS are accepted. All payments and deposits are non-refundable.

You have the option of establishing an agreeable payment plan based on the desired training. As your dog is being trained, you may be able to pay in increments.

To secure training for your dog or for the purchase of a trained dog, ½ of the total balance for services is due in order to reserve the training slot or execute the purchase. The final balance is due upon the completion of training. For non-locals, you will have the option of reviewing a video featuring your dogs completed training prior to paying the final balance. Upon your approval, the final balance is due immediately. After the payment has been processed, your canine companion will be shipped by ground or air cargo if requested. We also, at our discretion, can deliver your companion to you at your place of residence or business for an additional travel fee. For locals, your dogs training will be demonstrated for you in-person.



  • On leash obedience in a controlled environment
  • Protection imprinting
  • Commands (come, sit, stay, lie down, heel, bed or place).

We also build strong nerves and light bite development for those interested in pursuing further protection training. This establishes a foundation for family protection.

Price:$5500 – $7500.00



The Obedient Controlled Companion

Priced from $7500-$12500

(Obedience ONLY – No bite or protection training)
-On OR Off leash Control

Prices may vary; therefore, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your personal scenario.

All of our dogs are specially selected companion dogs. Amongst the criteria used to select your companion is finding the right temperament and nerves for any type of performance. A canine receiving this type of training may not warn you of any trespasser at your home or office and may not render certain forms of protection if you or it is attacked. This training includes On OR Off Leash Obedience training. This training is for those who desire a confident dog with stable nerves that is well behaved and mostly obedient. This training will not however maximize your protection.

Family/Personal Protection Dog- “Level 1”

Priced from $12500-$18000

The Deterrent K-9 Companion “surprise attack and home invasion proofed”.
This type of training includes NO BITE WORK.

The “Level 1” dog is a confident dog trained in Off Leash Obedience, Area Protection and will show an aggressive display on command. On command, this dog will show teeth and will bark at the end of the leash to discourage the aggressor. The behavior is easily stopped with the OUT command or your command or choice. Distractions such as, yelling, stomping, swinging of weapons or other forms of intimidation will not cause this dog to back down. Although this dog may bite an aggressor if challenged, the “Level 1” dog is not fully trained to bite or fight as would a “Level 2” or “Level 3” dog. The “Level 1” dog’s main purpose is as a deterrent (which can be adequate for given situations).

Family/Personal Protection Dog- “Level 2”

Priced from $18000-$25,000

On leash Protection Companion “ surprise attacks and home invasion proofed “.

The “Level 2” K-9 is a skilled dog trained in Off-leash Obedience and On-leash Personal Protection. The “Level 2” protection K-9 will show the same aggressive display as the “Level 1” dog on command but it has also been trained using real life scenarios. The “Level 2” dog has been trained to bite and fight effectively in defense of his owner and family. The “Level 2” dog is trained to release his bite on command, which enables you to control your dog on and off leash with a simple one-word command.

Family/Personal Protection Dog- “Level 3”

Priced from $25,000 – $35,000

Off leash Protection Companion “surprise attacks and home invasion proofed”.
The “Level 3” K-9 is a more skilled protector that has all the training of the “Level 2” dog. Additionally though, the “Level 3” dog is also trained to pursue and capture a fleeing person or stop a threat from a distance upon your command. This more OFFENSIVE dog is trained and tested, in real life situations, to use its body to knock down then overpower by holding onto it’s challenger/aggressor. This dog will also release its bite on command from a distance and return to your side. You will have control of your dog on and off leash with a simple one word command.

Personal/Family Protection Dog- “Level 4”

Priced from $35,000 – $45,000 plus

The Ultimate Protection Companion with “ all common real life scenarios “.

This Elite Protection Companion is an advanced version “Level 3” K-9 with the highest level of control and real life proofing based on the protection needs of its owner. This Elite Protector is trained to travel & protect from inside a vehicle against the following: a robbery or car jacking, kidnapping, or surprise attack. The “Level 3” K-9 (also possesses business executive training (trained to protect the business executive around heavy populated areas and at the office). This K-9 is capable of more, including home invasion protection, depending on your protection needs. This highly socialized dog has been exposed to many different scenarios under many different conditions with the heaviest of distractions. This Elite “Level 3” dog comes with one week per year of free maintenance training! There are no additional fees required for boarding for the one week period which must be a concurrent period. Contact us for details!

Service Dog Training

$8,000 – $10,000

Take your dog virtually wherever you go! As you travel your dog could be at your side while trained for controlled obedience for public access.

Please call us to discuss your Service dog needs. World Class K-9 has provided dogs for PTSD, emotional support and mobility to assist with balance. We are here to support you!


*Prices are subject to change. Contact us for exact pricing based on your specific requests.