Are protection dogs safe for children ?


Simply put, Protection dog training should not altar the temperament of the dog.  Unfortunately every company or individual that are in the business of training protection dogs are not experienced and knowledgeable as they should be and many mistakes can be made when training a dog for protection.  When purchasing a protection dogs with children , There are several things to watch out for, one being equipment or toy possession.  This can be dangerous for you and your children especially because a dog possessed over any item such as a ball toy or bite equipment can exert it’s dominance to keep that item and protect it just like a bone from another dog.  Family Protection dogs should not be trained to be possessive over bite equipment, toys and balls because children play with toys and balls and with them not being an alpha, dogs will show dominance and feel they can take or protect what they feel is theres.   Many companies or individuals sell sport dogs as protection dogs to families with children and this is where you can run into the problem of toy or equipment possession and at the end of the day not only do you have a dog that can be of danger to your children but you don’t have real protection.   Dogs that are possessive over equipment, toys, balls etc. are focused on just that and not the man which is the real threat to you and your family.


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