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Protection dog training

The Art of Protection Dog Training

Protection dog training is to build a dog with the confidence and capability to defend his owner or territory without let up.

This training starts off fun and rewarding and ends fun, serious and rewarding.  Many working breeds today may seem to

naturally defends property and family but will they really ?  Protection dog training assures that they will to an effective

level based on there capability.  All dogs no matter working breed or not is guaranteed to evolve in this type of work.

Once a family protection companion understands that you want him or her to be protective and they understand that they

can win every time no matter the size, age or strength of the threat , and also have been proofed in real life situations so that

they are confident with the situations that there owners might find themselves in, they become your best defense against a

situation you don’t want to find yourself in alone.   It’s also important know that a sport dog is not a real protection dog,

most sport dogs work for equipment or toy, not the threat.  Protection dog training takes time if you do it right.  First you must

choose the right dog for this type of training, second build drives if needed, then bite development, add distractions and situations,

muzzle training to build fight drive and to assure focus is off of equipment, add distractions, some civil work to assure the dog will

stay in the fight and build the will to defend under heavy pressure, control work, assuring the dog is environmentally sound, real life

situations and proofing.  These steps don’t necessarily have to be in order it all depends on the dog.  Protection dog training should

be fun and rewarding and not built in defense, it should be almost like a game but a controlled and serious game, thats how

willing the dog should want to engage, just like us engaging in our favorite activity we truly enjoy !