World Class K-9 launches new site !  Our new site is dedicated to all those looking to learn more about protection dogs and how they can secure you, your family or business.  Our new site will also help people understand the difference between real protection dogs and those that are trained to bite equipment giving an illusion of protection but fail to do

anything when there is no equipment or training field only the real life threat facing them with no experience.   Bite work is necessary to build a strong bite and stay in the fight no matter the distraction, but once you have built a strong dog with strong bite and fight drive along with the confidence to win every time the equipment is put up and only

brought out occasionally.   Since 1994 Our program has been consistent, we don’t claim to do everything but we are consistent in building personal protection dogs, executive protection dogs, and family protection dogs, give us a call to see live demonstrations or browse our video library and feel free to comment or ask questions !

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