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How to house train puppies

Step 1:  How to crate train puppies,

THE CRATE:   Choose the correct crate for your puppy. Until your puppy is crate trained, it must remain in a crate that is only large enough for it to lie down comfortably. Eliminate any excess room by furnishing a smaller crate if necessary. Remember that your puppy would prefer not to lay in it’s own urine or feces so assure that the space within the crate only allows the puppy to lay down, stand without head touching top of crate and turn around comfortably. If your puppy were in a larger crate more than likely it would go to the back of the crate and relieve itself and lie comfortably and dry in the front of the kennel. Once your puppy develops this pattern it can be very difficult to break this habit.

Inside the crate there should not be a pillow, blanket, or anything absorbent for it to lay on because this will also give it comfort by it not getting wet or being able to hide the feces. Non-absorbent toys are acceptable to have in the crate. However, by all means do not place any food, water or treats inside the crate.

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