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Dogo Argentino and Children

The Dogo Argentino and children

The age old questions centered on whether a particular breed is good with children will continue to be a topic of great concern and understandably so. Identifying a definite answer will prove to be the greatest challenge though due to the fact that varying opinions on this matter are very subjective, relative, and comparative.  Therefore, as an advocate of the Dogo Argentino, taking into consideration it’s natural protective instincts, it is our opinion that the Dogo is a solid  and favored choice as a family protection companion.

The Dogo Argentino, was designed in such a way that children are endearing to the breed. Children and Dogo’s are relatable to one another and bonding in most cases comes with ease due to numerous personality related similarities of both of their dispositions. Pinpointing a few of the same qualities that the  Dogo Argentino  and children share in common, such as high energy levels, playfulness, a craving for stimulation and affection, humility, intelligence, friendliness,  and trusting with family, makes this breed a strong contender as a canine companion for an environment with children.  It’s protective qualities are superior to many other breeds.   In most cases, this breed feels secure and unthreatened by the presence of children and therefore many children tend to be drawn to the Dogo for the same reasons.

When considering any breed as a potential family companion or  family protection canine, it is imperative to be informed about the physical and mental characteristics or makeup of the breed.  Therefore, the Dogo Argentino’s size and power should be factors to consider.  A trained and well-socialized  Dogo can be a very pleasant and controlled family companion that will not hesitate to prove its loyalty and its ability to protect to members of the family- children in-particularly.

When selecting a Dogo Argentino, please seek reputable breeders only that pride themselves on preserving the integrity and stability of the breed.  Knowledge empowers, so we encourage you to make an informed decision and professional  canine training is highly recommended.

The Dogo Aregentino is loving and lovable and could make a wonderful addition to your family!