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Dog versus Gun

Dog versus Gun ?

That’s an age old argument that has merited the opinions of many from all walks of life. In keeping with the facts, here are a few noteworthy thoughts to churn:


  • Guns can’t smell or detect an intruder.
  • Guns are unable to bark which alerts the owner of a possible threat.
  • Guns require a permit for legal usage and a responsible gun-handler should have some form of firearm training.
  • Guns also cannot respond to verbal commands by it’s handler.
  • Guns cannot think they only react if gun owner is able to get to the firearm.
  • Guns are normally put up in a safe place and even when in close proximity most gun owners are still victimized.
  • A well trained protection dog will not only sense danger before it strikes but If a surprise attack occurs the surprise will not be yours rather the intruders.


The fact is, the answer to the question is relative and subjective. Nevertheless, it is a question that should be given serious consideration. A canine, especially one that is properly trained, can serve as a definite deterrent to an intruder rendering the use of a gun unnecessary in many cases. Statistics reveal, that intruders are less likely to invade a home or person that is protected by the presence of a canine that demonstrates aggression when a threat is perceived.