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Are your dogs protection dogs ?

This video demonstrates the typical non-trained protection dog and its response when a threat is presented. Many believe that because their dog is aggressive towards strangers that it is naturally a protection dog and will bite when threatened.

This conclusion is far from the truth! Most dogs will put up some type of defense by barking aggressively and acting as if they will attack. However, when the opportunity arises they only submit to the threat. Notice the statement in the video ( link cited below) that mentions that it takes years to train a dog to be a real protection dog. Such a statement is NOT TRUE and our training program is proof positive.

In the video, the dog in training is focused on the equipment in lieu of the threat. Horribly over priced considering that a REAL protection dog is not being produced, we strongly advise that you ensure you’re your investment is worthy of the sells price. People have paid in excess of $40k for canines incapable of performing due to a lack of REAL protection training. Buyers Please BEWARE!

In the beginning stages of training a sleeve and the use of a bite suit are essential parts of the bite development stage. A professed completely trained dog that attacks the sleeve when it has many other places to bite is an equipment-focused dog. Note in the video that the remainder of the decoy’s body has no protection.

In order to know that a dog will bite “the” man with no equipment muzzle work should be of definite interest and confirmed. When it is time for a REAL protection dog to engage a man with a REAL bite, hidden equipment is a must. Also, working a dog in a muzzle with a decoy in plain clothes is an absolute necessary to proof, build fight drive, and elevate confidence.

It is NOT our intent to discredit anyone or company. These are our valid observations and opinions being expressed to provide food for thought about this FOX 5 video.

To view the video highlight the link below, right-click then copy and paste the link into your browser or search engine. The use of education is empowerment.