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Are your dogs protection dogs ?


Please Read First then follow instructions to see video !


This video demonstrates the typical non trained protection dog and what it will do when A threat is presented.  Many believe that because there dog is aggressive toward strangers that it’s a protection dog and will bite when threatened.

This conclusion is far beyond the truth, most dogs will put up some type of defense by barking aggressively and acting as if they want to attack someone, but when the opportunity arises they only

submit to that individual.   In this video they mention that it takes years to train a dog to be a real protection dog, this is not true in fact from what I see in this video there protection dogs is an equipment focused dog rather

than a real protection dog that’s very over priced if they charge 40K and up.  This seems to be the case with a lot of companies where there trained dogs are very overpriced and the training isn’t real protection.

In the beginning stages of training a sleeve is part of the bite development stages but a finished  dog that attacks the arm with the sleeve on when it has so many other places to bite is an equipment focused dog and you can tell this because the rest of the decoy’s body has no protection.   In order to know

that a dog will bite a man with no equipment muzzle work is a must !  And when it is time for real protection dogs to engage a man with a real bite, hidden equipment is a must !  The use of a bite suite is also good in order to teach a dog

to bite whatever he can to disengage a man,  but working a dog in a muzzle with decoy in plain clothes is an absolute necessary to proof and build fight drive and confidence !  This is in no way a article to discredit anyone or company just an observation and to give food for thought about this fox 5 video.

To view the video highlight this link and right click then click go to the link or copy and past the link in your search.