The personal protection dog

World Class K-9 home of the best personal or family protection dog launches new website! Our focus is fully on training World Class personal protection dogs and family protection dogs. Our trained dogs now consist of Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers and Giant Schnauzers, although we have access and relationships for just about any breed you request. Please contact us for more details!

For the best personal protection dogs for the price look no further, World Class K-9 delivers quality personal protection dogs or quality family or personal protection training for an affordable price !

Mother with two daughters with personal protection dogs

Why personal protection dogs ?

None of us are exempt from becoming a victim of crime in this wicked world that we live in.  When have you looked at the news and saw the majority good news ?  Its sad but a reality that crime is not going anywhere until God himself steps in to put a stop to it all !  Meanwhile it’s up to us to do what we can to protect our families and deter criminals from whats important to us , our family and our property.  History has shown that personal protection dogs and family protection dogs are the best way to alert you when someone is snooping around waiting to victimize you.  Although dogs sleep there ears and senses are wide open and can save us from  an ambush !

What should I expect from a personal protection dog ?

Expect a companion first but one that’s experienced in personal protection or family protection based on real life situations.  Although protection dogs will protect and do whats necessary to protect alphas and family they should also be able to engage in social situations if trained properly. When a personal protection dog is delivered expect a period of time to completely bond with your new companion before he or she protects you as they were trained to do, remember its Personal so a close bond and the dog understanding your alpha is imperative !


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