We have professional Dog training videos and downloadable manuals on how to train your dog in obedience, house training , imprinting for protection and much more. Worldclass K-9 would like to help you in reaching all of you dog training goals !

Worldclass K-9 has the right dog training video for the owner that desires the most inexpensive yet effective method of dog training.

As highly skilled dog training professionals with over 25 years of combined dog training experience we are assisting the inexperienced owner with our dog training videos and DVDs The premise of solid and proven dog training rests on socialization, target training and repetition. But you too can learn to train your dog and do it well with our dog training videos and and special edition Pit Bull training videos. Through vast hours devoted to comprehensive training we have incorporated a system of training that is achievable and effective for any owner willing to apply the methods used in this dog training video and dog training DVD. Learning by viewing is one of the most impressionable forms of learning. For your viewing pleasure and education we have developed the following videos:

* Raising your puppy for protection
* Getting started (understanding the tools for training )
* Raising your puppy properly
* Puppy Training (basic to intermediate)
* Obedience Training (basic to intermediate)
* House Training fast and easy
* Personal Protection Training (Imprinting to level 1)

We will demonstrate the methods we have used to build our reputation as a world class dog training facility. Each video is broken down into weeks through demonstration and weekly assignments. You will be given details on how to test your dog.

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