The Art of Protection Dog Training

One very notable purpose of Protection Dog training is to improve a dog’s confidence and capability to defend its owner/family and/or environment/territory without let up.

Training, the WorldClass K-9 way, is fun and rewarding from start to finish for the dog and its owner(s). Many working breeds seem to naturally defend property and family but when pressure from a threat intensifies they tend to cower and submit. Protection dog training assures that a well-trained dog will effectively defend according to their capability no matter the extremity of the situation.

Protection training is laced with positive reinforcement as the foundation of the training. This develops conviction in a family protection companion. Once the proper level of self-assurance is established, a family protection companion understands their protective guardian-like role. The physical disposition of a “threat “ (size, strength, appearance, etc.) is not intimidating to a skilled canine protector trained by WorldClass K-9. Our trained protection companions are proofed in real life situations and can perform with confidence and reliability.

A protection canine companion is one of the best lines of defense against “threats”. Many resources are invested in adequately training a REAL Protection Dog. Certain requirements must be meet. To name a few:

  1. The right dog for this type of training must be carefully selected
  2. Drive must be advanced if needed, followed by bite development, then distractions are added
  3. Control work has to be executed to assure soundness and steadfastness in real life scenarios

Quality Protection Training is a very fulfilling but gravity filled process. The training is methodically carried out on a dog-by-dog and client-by-client basis. Being able to penetrate the mind of dog being trained to protect, defend, and/or guard while maintaining a balanced temperament is a very delicate artistic balance. Here at WorldClass K-9, we are mastering the art!

Please discover the “WorldClass Way” for yourself.