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The Dogo Argentino
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The Dogo Argentino, is one of the most versatile canines due to its ability to channel guardian-like instincts, fearlessness, power, and animal aggression while maintaining its fondness and frolicsome (playful) behavior towards family and within social settings.  The Dogo Argentino was bred to pack-hunt big-game such as Pumas or Wild Boars and possesses strong prey drive which accounts for the need to have an owner with the mentality of an Alpha. The ideal owner will have the proper respect for the power, intelligence, and the abilities of what we consider to be a superb breed.  Although the mechanics or makeup of the Dogo Argentino allows it to function as a mighty force when the situation or circumstance warrants, it is unique in its ability to be sensitive towards family often times soliciting physical attention or contact from family members. The Dogo Argentino is also known for it’s display of a peaceful, calm, or composed behavior when indoors.  A breed that encompasses it all-athleticism, protective instincts, playfulness, calmness.

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