My name is Woodie I have been in and around law enforcement for most of my adult life. I have researched “Protection Dogs” and “Protection Dog Trainers”. I have not met any trainer that approaches the training in the manner that Julius does. He has an approach that is very unique. His training is based on real life situations. The dog is trained to deal with the situations that come up in our everyday life. In my career I have come in contact with situations where someone used deadly force where a properly trained dog would have solved the situation and probably kept a person out of the legal issues that they face now for the use of deadly force. A properly trained dog is the most effective weapon that you can have. The dog is always loyal he does not require bullets and can be deployed quickly as needed by anyone. I have purchased a trained protection dog named “Malo” a Belgium Malinois for my family because I know that my daughter can deploy the dog in her defense if needed, but he can be her best friend the rest of the time. The dog is like a light switch, most of the time he is a family member and if needed can be deployed to protect my family.Julius trained my dog and then provided the training to my family. The cost was very minimal based on the product that I was receiving. You always get more than what you pay for. I would recommend World Class K9 (Julius) to anyone that is looking for a way to protect their family but does not want a gun in the environment. Julius takes the time to answer any questions and provides the best dog and training for your particular situation. I traveled to Conyers GA to pick up my dog; Julius went over all the training and the way to deploy the dog when needed. I would recommend Julius and World Class K9 if you are looking for a trained protection dog. Julius you are welcome to use me as a reference for any potential client.

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