I Am writing this today to give thanks to a good friend of my. Julius Henry of Worldclassk9. I’ve gotten 4 dogs from him in the past 5 years. I wanted something that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I wanted great looking pit bulls that I could take to shows and also would protect my house when I was gone. U see I do bodyguard work for pro ballers and rappers pays real good but am gone all the time. Being that I take care of other people and there family I had to do the same and more for my family. The dogs I got from World class not only won every show I put them in they also took care of my family, they aren’t the slow fat dogs u see at the shows they are all muscle and have lots of drive without being out of control. They bite on command and release just as fast. My daughter s whole basketball team would stay at my house 9 girls with 4 attack pit bull males, not once have my dogs had a problem , they eat sleep and live next to each other under one roof. They live inside with my family not outside, they swim in my pool hangout in the hot tub win shows but most of all take care of my family, don’t get me wrong i got guns in the house lots of them got cameras and a alarm too, but they don’t work as good as my dogs do, let me tell why I say that my cameras film u as u pull in to my drive way my alarm will sound if u open a door or window my family will shoot u if u walk in but b4 any of that had happened my dogs let my family know someone is outside but most of all they let that someone who is outside know they are inside waiting for them. Ur move how many people u know really gonna try to brake into a house with four pit bulls waiting for u. That’s why am thanking Worldclassk9 cause like I said b4 I couldn’t find dogs that looked like his and still had the drive and most of all the control to leave with my family as I was gone and just for every one’s info I trained dogs for the police departments in Miami area for 20 years my friends I know drive and control when I see it. Thanks again Julius ur the man when it comes to pit bulls. If anyone is thinking about getting a guard dog go see him like I did. I’ve seen some of the things that have been written about him all I can say is my dogs are the best I never had a problem talking to or finding Julius at all. Most important part of it all i paid cash in his hand left with two dogs owing him 10,000 dollars believe me or not its true and I sent him two payments of 5,000 dollars after I took the dogs home. I had also already gotten two dogs from him b4 so he knew I was a man of my word. Again believe me or not am not writing this for anyone but to say thank u to a friend who has given me piece of mind with my house and family when an gone that to me my friends is priceless if u can’t see that than that’s ur problem. I on the other hand have no problem saying that I as a dog trainer couldn’t find the show dog look and body type I was looking for with any kind of drive or control like I found at World class K-9 its one thing to have a show dog and a whole different world to have a personal protection dog these are both rolled into one. Don’t take my word for it go see them yourself. Thanks World class u the man !!!!!!

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