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Thank you so much for Trouble. He is the absolute best dog I have ever owned. As I told you previously I purchased a “protection” dog from another kennel and was very disappointed in the dog’s training. For personal protection this other dog was a waste of money. My wife is deaf. She and my 2 year old daughter spend most of the day at home alone. I wanted a dog that would without a doubt, 100%, protect them from any intruder. I have spent lots of money with local trainers trying to train my own protection dog. I have been around many professionally trained protection dogs. I can say that Trouble is the best of them ALL! He is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. He LOVES to work. He loves to play with my kids. He immediately became a member of the family as if he had lived here forever. He is an absolute gentleman. We go for daily runs together and he is right by my left side all the time off leash. He still has plenty of energy to play fetch after our run. He will 110% protect my family without hesitation. He has NO FEAR. His protection skills are amazing. My local Schutzhund club is impressed with his skills. We were driving to the store and a homeless person holding a sign approached the car. Trouble immediately lit up and started barking. The man stopped dead in his tracks, smiled and walked away. My family feels safe and secure with Trouble on the job. He swims in the pool with the kids. My 2 1/2 year old daughter love to throw his tennis ball and watch him fetch. People stare at him all the time when we are running. They are amazed how he heels right by me left and ignores other people and dogs. He just runs with me (no leash). I honestly cannot brag about him enough. Direct anyone and everyone to me for a reference. Anyone that is in driving distance is more than welcome to come see Trouble and the quality training your company provides. Thank you so much.Your prices are the MOST reasonable in the market. It is hard for people to judge things over the Internet, but no one provides the quality you do for the price you do. I am sure there are other quality trainers out there, but I would tell people do not buy a dog from any other company. Why risk getting scammed like I did by that other company. No one will find a better protection dog for a better price. People are as safe buying from you as they will be with the dog you provide!


Jason M. Lee, D.D.S. Pediatric Dentist Board Certified American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

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