I just wanted to give an update on Aries. He is everything i could have asked for and some. I can’t go anywhere and get things done when he is with me because everybody wants to meet him, take a picture, and compliment him. Chick magnet! So super laid back but ready to go at all times. If something is out of the ordinary or a threat is present he alerts me and is primed to protect me. Training was easier than ever with him! I’ve taken him to some shows where judges told me he was hands down best in show if i showed him. I can’t get him in the ring though because he snaps out around all those dogs especially males which is the only thing I don’t like. Turns on and off on command and at the drop of a dime. Easy to control with the exception of at shows where it is most important. Wouldn’t trade him for the world. Thank you for this boy. My program is hot thanks to him. He has produced himself and better in every litter. I have been mixing him with my Razors Edge Cai daughters, Razors Edge Nemesis blood and just did some old school grayline breedings by way of Gotty daughter, Delacruz dogs that produced Black Shaq, and inbred 3x Juan gotty male i have daughter. Can’t wait to see what comes of it. I also did one breeding using your old blood and one of the owners told me his girl is the best dog on his yard and he had low expectations for her!

Thanks again. Just wanted you to know how well your production is doing and how much he is loved.

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