My name is Christine Montenegro & I wanted to say thanks to Julius Henry of Worldclassk-9.

My farther brought home my dog “Phantom” and for the last few years this dog has grown to love my friends & love me.
We sleep together, Swim together, I can even walk him without a leash. Although he is very friendly he also protects me. He walks real close to me, & is always ready to see whats going on around me. Once I am in bed and I am sleeping, my own dad can’t even walk in without phantom waking me up or barking. He’s always in alert. When I come home Phantom sometimes is outside my door, laying down waiting for me. I cannot ask for a better dog. Once i tell Phantom the magic word he ready to snap and bite whatever I say. I never even knew a Dog could be as smart as mine is. The way he knows when to play or when to protect, The way he knows the moment my voice changes it is time to handle business, and after it all i can grab him squeeze his face, an nothing goes wrong. All the times that we have went to see Julius he has been friendly, and has his dogs perfectly trained and under control.

Thank you for teaching phantom , how to be the way he is with me!!!! Much love , Christine !

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