Recommendation/Testimonial for Julius Henry and World Class K-9

Protection Dog

Several months ago, I began looking for a breed of dog that would provide companionship and a degree of natural protection from bonding in our relationship.  I have owned, raised and hunted several breeds and have considered many others.  Somehow, I came across the Dogo Argentino and was captivated, having never seen or heard of the breed.  Unsolicited, I met a lady who owned one.  Her description enhanced my interest.  Only two Dogos could I find in our metro area of about 400,000 population, but after multiple efforts speaking to the owners, I was not able to see or put my hands on one.

I continued my research and contact efforts with breeders.  Most would not respond.  Those who did were helpful and courteous, but most distances were geographically extreme.  So, I continued my search.  While also looking for trainers, I came across World Class K-9’s website.  In light of what I had previously experienced with trainers, had read, and was told by other trainers, Julius’ presentation on his website revealed to me a man who understands his heart’s desire, purpose, and focus.  I contacted him through his website.

He called me, and we communicated via phone and email.  Through our conversations, I came to know a capable and honest man who knows his field.  He trains many breeds.  In speaking with him, I became more certain of my interest in the Dogo.  In one meeting with a breeder, he brought up World Class K-9.  As it happened I had spoken with Jules the night before.  The other breeder expressed only good things about Jules.

As I drove home that day, I knew I had to make another trip.  I spoke with Jules, and we agreed upon a time to meet in Conyers, Georgia.  This could sound exaggerated, but to minimize the excitement I had would not be honest.  It was two-fold.  One was the possibility of finding the pup I was looking for (in looks, temperament, ability), and the second to converse with a man who knew how to bring out the best in the dog, knowing its history, breeding, and the tendencies therefrom.

I have experienced many good and exciting things during my 70 years, including college, the NFL, law practice, what people call “the ministry”, my family and friends.  There have also been a lot of heartaches, with which I feel many readers of this can identify.  It is a wonder to actually experience that for which you hope.  

My time with Jules, his family, assistants, and dogs was at the top of my list of great experiences.  The rapport, communication, and obedience of the Dogos in response to him was remarkable.  The athletic ability, intelligence, loyalty, determination, and response of the dogs was exceptional.  What I witnessed and learned through Jules and the Dogos was remarkable.  What he had said to me, I saw played out and proofed in front of me.  He is a good man who knows his work and dogs, having the uncanny gift and ability to understand them and get inside their heads in a way they understand and want to respond to him.  Further, that Alpha leadership is transferrable if we human transferees have the capacity to hear and apply what we are taught.

World Class K-9’s trains many breeds for various protection objectives.  I was able to see several of the breeds, but my desires coincided with Julius’ breeding and knowledge of the Dogos.  All of this is to say that I have never met a man in a field of work that I could recommend more highly than Julius and World Class K-9 in the area of knowing the dog breeds, the breeding of dogs, and their abilities in the field of personal loyalty and family and business protection. I believe contacting Jules is worth the time, energy, effort and expense.  I would do it again without a single hesitation.  He is training my dog now, and I am grateful.  

Julian Fagan

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