See video below for an example of World Class K-9 puppy training program for many more videos click link below!

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World Class puppy training program
Puppy German Shepherd






World Class K-9 now offers Puppy Imprinting for puppies outside of our in house puppies being raised to be sold as family obedience or protection companions!

Puppy Imprinting ( basic commands, with some agility, bed command, and bells and whistles ) starts at $750-$1000

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World Class puppy training program

Obedience training for all breeds
All breeds welcome


Our puppy training program starts early sometimes as soon as they leave their mom. We first imprint German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois for their obedience, focus, and build necessary drives. We have found that this is the most important phase of training because it develops solid nerves, intellect, confidence, and will to work and learn. When purchasing a puppy from World Class you can request an imprinted puppy in obedience, and or protection which will also include crate training or just a World Class puppy with no training at all, either way we guarantee you will receive quality.   The bloodlines for our German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dogo Argentino, Doberman Pinscher, and Giant Schnauzer are derived from imported working lines (Euro, Germany, France etc).   Our focus is to provide puppies that can grow to be the best companions and perform at the highest level or any work if desired.  All of our German Shepherd, Belgian malinois, Dogo Argentino, Doberman Pinscher, and Giant Schnauzer puppies  are tested in order to discover any unwanted behaviors that can be given attention to as early as possible.  These test focus on assuring that the puppy has no nerve, stability or temperament issues that would hinder him or her from graduating any particular level of training.   Once puppy has completed the necessary test and begins training we provide video of your puppy as they progress as a way to keep our clients in touch with there new puppy !