World Class K-9′s puppy program provides our clients with trained puppies imprinted in obedience, crate trained, leash trained, and behavior modifications. On request we also provide house training and imprint in personal / family protection leaving our clients with a fun beginning with there new

puppy with or without any training or experience . We provide not only the best training but also the best blood lines available specializing in Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, bully Pit Bull Terriers, and Germany Shepherd breeds. All of our dogs are specifically bred for stable temperaments and intelligence along with natural drives associated with personal / family protection companions. For available trained puppies please contact us for availability. For untrained Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, or German Sheperds, puppy must be reserved before entering into training program, contact us for details.

Our German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois puppies all come from the best of the best of lines known for producing dogs with the temperament and drives needed for training for any type of training but because of there natural instinct especially family / personal protection. We start our puppies early imprinting them in obedience and developing there drives and instincts to prepare them for the distractions that they will undergo once they are deep into protection training using real life situations.

World Class K-9 was also a preferred breeder of the American Pit bull Terrier, more specifically the Blue Pit bulls ( World Class Bloodline ). Our name not only represents the quality of our Pit bull breeding program but it epitomizes how we conduct business. We have made a significant impact as one of the leading Pit Bull dog breeders domestically and internationally. Our well-known reputation rests on the shoulders of ethics, commitment, integrity and continuous improvement.

We took a proactive approach to breeding Bluenose Pit bull puppies. Our goal was to produce the most genetically sound Pit bull canine companions available worldwide. Like our German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois we specialized in producing Pit bull puppies with balanced temperaments, pit bull puppies with solid bone structure and Pit bulls puppies with excellent confirmation without compromising the Pit bull’s physical fitness and health. We consistently produced pit bull puppies that possess vibrant beauty, athleticism and intelligence. Our Pit bull canine companions have dynamic working ability and are known for their aptitude to safeguard their owners and family.

World Class K-9 was known as Pit bull puppy breeder and trainers with a mission. We had a commitment to breeding purebred bluenose pit bull puppies for sale within a well-maintained social environment that is comprehensive in scope. We not only were breeders of our well-known bloodline of pit bull puppies ( World Class Bloodline ) but we also specialize in training them as well.

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