Personal protection dogs

What are personal protection dogs? Personal Protection Dogs are trained to protect its owner or property on command. It is trained to distinguish a threatening situation such as an attack on its owner. Let’s visualize a scenario. Picture yourself at an ATM machine. Fido is in the front seat watching you with the windows down in the car as you proceed to the ATM machine. Now that you have accessed your money, you began to walk back to the vehicle then unexpectedly someone jumps out of another vehicle and attacks you. Fido jumps out of the car and effectively seizes control of the criminal which affords you with protection from bodily injury. A personal protection dog is an ideal companion if you enjoy walking, running or cycling in an effort to remain physically fit. Protection is needed when sleeping in your home even if you have an active alarm system and all perimeter doors locked. We know that securing your life and that of your loved ones is a primary concern; therefore, personal protection dogs are a very wise investment. A personal protection dog, like those here at “The Family Protection K-9”, is not only an effective measure of protection when it matters most, additionally, it’s a controlled family oriented and loving companion that is easier to manage/handle compared to any untrained dog. A properly trained personal protection dog should be affectionate, well socialized amongst people who are not a perceived threat. A professionally Trained Home Protection Dogs happily functions in society, should also have off leash control and be proofed in real life situations in order to respond effectively and confidently in any given situation. Some trainers train there dogs in preparation for sport such as PSA, French Ring, or KNPV, but others take a more serious approach to prepare there dogs for the real world through real life scenarios. Here at “The Family Protection K-9” we believe that only training for real life situations through real life scenarios can produce the ULTIMATE personal protection dog.