World Class Obedience dog training !

Obedience dog training to us is not all about the dog following through once given an obedience command, rather following through swiftly with focus and attention under heavy distractions. This means that control is a must, control is just as important as following through with a command, what is obedience without control? If you give a command for Trained Protection Dogs your dog to lie down and stay and another dog walks by or someone else calls your dog to them in a high pitched cute voice and your dog gets up that’s called disobedience not obedience. Our dogs are first trained without distractions in order to get there full attention and focus. After they understand fully on what we expect once we give the command we add distractions slowly until graduation when they are trained under heavy distractions. Once our students are able to follow through swiftly when given a command and maintain control no matter the distraction can it be called a real obedience trained dog or Worldclass family companion.

Obedience dog training
Obedience dog training group classes
Belgian malinois male focused
World Class Trouble focused

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