Object Guarding
German Shepherd Guarding Briefcase

What is Object Guarding and is it good ?

Dog Object Guarding  can be another phase of protection dog training where your dog is trained to protect an object and engages aggressively if compromised.  In this training demo a German Shepherd focuses on any threat to his object and if someone reaches for it he will engage the decoy fighting him away from his object until threat retreats then the German Shepherd returns to protecting his object.   The object is whatever you put in front of him and tell him to Guard !  Object training is something that your dog should be trained to do not something that your dog does naturally.  If your dog guards objects such as food, toys, bones, etc, it can become a problem !  Toy possession is not a desired trait as a family protection dog because it can be dangerous to members of the family whether child, or other animals in the family.  Toy possession is something desired in sport dog training because trainers in that arena of dog training train with toys and the dog is working for that toy or equipment in most cases.  If a dog is crazy about a toy such as a ball he may defend if anyone comes near it especially if he or she is playing with it.  IT’s Very Important that if your in the market for a family protection dog that you don’t get a Sport dog for this very reason.  Many sport dogs are being sold as Personal protection dogs because most people that are into sport are trainers and train for status and typically train there own dogs so they can get the credit.   Once these dogs are trained and the trainer gets trophy or credits well they would like to get paid for there hard work and there are not a lot of trainers buying dogs from trainers so, they put sport dogs on the market as personal protection dogs to sell to the world that can easily be fooled if uneducated.  Why is is so easy to fool the consumer ?  Because all they see is the dog barking aggressively or biting decoy and it looks to be protection, unfortunately they have bought a dog they may only perform if equipment is presented and possibly only in a sport dog setting. World Class K-9 is not against sport dogs, or sport dog trainers, just selling sport dogs as personal protection dog.   Is this the case for all sport dogs ?  I would wisely say no, I have seen a few that were “Dirty” in the world of sport dog training where they would not completely focus on equipment and not considered “SAFE” as a sport dog which is known as a dog that is NOT wanted as a sport dog.   There are a few Sport dog Trainers that I know that like that because they also want protection for there home and by having a dog that is “Dirty” they have a dog that is not fully focused on equipment but will also protect.  Is this all sports ?  Because I don’t keep up with sport I would wisely say no but for what I have seen from clients that have bought sport dogs I would have to say most.   World Class K-9 takes pride in providing real stable, social family protection companions since 1994, take advantage of our over 22 years of experience !


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