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How to Take Care of Your New Puppy

Taking Care of a New Puppy the WorldClass Way!

Thank you for choosing World Class to purchase your new puppy! This sheet lists some very important steps that should be implemented immediately to help your puppy adjust to its new home and start a proper routine.

It is important that your puppy has a consistent daily routine. This routine will help it in its house breaking process and in the puppy-training phase. Your puppy will gradually develop and understanding of what is expected of him/her within the household daily. Puppies are the canine version of babies and they will make mistakes. Just as with a young child, you should be sure to keep your eyes on him/her. When you are unable to keep a close watch on your puppy, it is highly recommended that you crate it. Puppies have small bladders, so when they are crated its best to take them out every 2 hours. When you do take your puppy out of the crate, pick it up and take it outside and only then should you literally place it down. This will help to ensure that your puppy makes it to its desired relief/release area without relieving itself along the way. As your puppy ages, ensure that its crate size is adequate. Why? You want the crate to be sizeable enough to where your dog has enough space to sit, laydown, and turn around (no bigger and no smaller). This will discourage accidents in the crate as the puppy has limited space to escape its waste. Most puppies desire to keep its space dry and clean. Here is a suggested daily schedule that the World Class team has found to be successful:

✓ Morning: Take your puppy out to relieve itself as early as possible
✓ Morning: Feed and water your puppy (Any remaining food should be removed*) afterwards allow your puppy to relieve himself/herself in a designated area
✓ Throughout The Day: Watch your puppy closely
✓ Throughout The Day: Allow the puppy playtime to release energy
✓ Throughout The Day: Take your puppy out every two hours
✓ Evening Time: Restrict your puppy’s access to water to reduce accidents at night
✓ Evening Time: Let your puppy out right before you retire for the evening (the later the better)
✓ Night: If your puppy will be uncrated throughout the night, take your puppy to relieve itself every 3-4 hours or if you opt to crate your puppy every 5-6 hours is recommended.

As your puppy gets older, it will develop maturity, a greater sense of right from wrong, and a stronger bladder! At that time, you can readjust your routine accordingly. Although a stable routine is of great importance, the most vital aspect of your puppy’s well being is receiving a continuous flow of love!

*Feeding your puppy once a day preferably in the morning will give It time to digest Its food and relieve Itself before bedtime.