Giant Schnauzer puppy
The Intelligent Giant Schnauzer



What do the words canine, beauty, size, and Germany have in common?  The Giant Schnauzer !  Yes, this 17th century breed is growing in popularity due to its sensitivity and commitment towards family versus it’s watchfulness and boldness towards strangers.   The Giant Schnauzer has all the characteristics one would associate with a “gentle-giant”.

The Giant Schnauzer is one of the 3 classifications of the Schnauzer breed.  The Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of the Schnauzer breed followed by the Standard Schnauzer and then there is, of course, the “major league” player- the Giant Schnauzer. “Giant” in the name Giant Schnauzer not only applies to the robust and authoritative physical framework of this breed, but it also refers to its personality.

The Giant Schnauzer is known to be intelligent, loyal, high-spirited, playful, bold, caring, at times independent- thinking, strong, and courageous.  No wonder this breed has so many diverse capabilities.   The Giant Schnauzer is ideal as a Guard Dog, Police Dog, Cattle-Herder, Therapy Dog, Protection Dog, or Sport Dog.  The combination of the Giant Schnauzers temperament, drive, natural protective instincts, and athleticism, makes this working class breed a well respected canine companion.  

Regardless of the Giant Schnauzers keen abilities, what brings this breed the greatest joy is winning and receiving the consistent affection and love from family.  As a canine companion, the Giant Schnauzer will shower its family with many moments of enjoyment and satisfaction.  

The Giant Schnauzer, due to its intelligence level, is relatively easy to train in all levels of training, including Obedience Training and Personal Protection Training.  It’s stature alone has been known to be a deterrent for would be antagonists. The prey drive possessed by the Giant Schnauzer can be properly channeled through effective dog training to be used as a force for good-protecting it’s owner or family or functioning as a working dog. 

If an affectionate, loyal, strong, hard-working, playful, vigorous, naturally protective, and high-energy large breed canine companion is what interests you, then the Giant Schnauzer is worthy of your consideration.  The Giant Schnauzer-discover just how much this wonderful breed can fill up your life!