German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds known to man and come in a variety of colors !


German Shepherds
Black and Red German Shepherd
German Shepherds
Black and Tan German Shepherd
German Shepherds
Dark Sable German Shepherd
female black German Shepherd
Black German Shepherd


German Shepherds as family protection dogs

German Shepherds make some of the best family protection dogs.  As a trainer I have trained many working breeds and the German Shepherd to me is one of the best because of there natural instincts, intelligence, strength, and temperaments.  I like them because there not always at a high Energy level that is if you choose the right German Shepherd.  Some are more drivey than others but if you choose from the right bloodline you can get a good balance where you have the drive when needed along with a relaxed house dog when it’s time to wind down.

The German shepherd is a breed that was created in Europe in the 1800s, the goal of this creation was to form a dog that would have the ability to move quickly, the temperament to be around a family, an intellect to outsmart livestock in herding, and the courage to be a family guardian. When the breed was created it set off a large boom in Europe; this dog became the most popular breed in the Eastern Hemisphere in only 10 years. This German shepherd has evolved over Hundreds of years from a herding dog in the 1800s to police K-9s and family companions in the 2000’s; whichever Job it is the German Shepherd has always out preformed the others.

The answer to the age old question of “Why” can prove to be as relative as any other answer to any other question.   However, here are some factors to consider when contemplating making the German Shepherd your personal canine or family canine companion:

German Shepherds require much time, effort, training, and attention if they are to live the best life possible in their responsible owners care. This is a canine companion that is energy driven.  Give due consideration to  their genetic makeup.  The German Shepherd was breed to herd (to keep or look after livestock).  The German Shepherd is also one of the most notorious breeds for Police and Personal Protection work. It is imperative to keep the German Shepherd stimulated to prevent boredom and deter independent thinking.   For the German Shepherd breed, the ideal owner will commit to embracing the needs of the breed, which include, but is not limited too, exercise, socialization, controlling it’s  drive to the extent possible, mental conditioning which is often attained through professional canine training, and the basics-the proper love and attention.

The German Shepherd breed is notorious for shedding it’s hair; therefore, strong consideration must be given to the regular maintenance and grooming of this breed. Size should also be factored in especially considering that adequate environmental space is needed to keep the atmosphere peaceable for all who are exposed to the presence of a canine with its given stature, attitude, and capabilities.  

Attention, attention, attention cannot be stressed enough.  The German Shepherds requires an adequate amount of personal attention, personal care, and training in order to deter such issues as problematic barking. 

Effective canine training is highly recommended. The German Shepherd breed is intelligent, has a naturally protective instinct, very energetic, built physically for agility, is known as one of the preferred canine personal protection companions or service dogs and is endeared for it’s lovability, affection, and loyalty. 

Why a German Shepherd canine protection companion,  it may be easier to answer the question, “Why Not” instead!

Buddies for life
Young child and Protection German Shepherd


World Class K-9 German Shepherds

We at World Class K-9 truly enjoy using the German Shepherd (GSD) as a family protection canine. This intelligent, curious, moderately active, self-confident breed with the willingness to learn, and an eagerness to have a purpose. The GSD drive gives it the ability to overcome adversities paired with its level of intelligence to problem solve, gives us a dog that versatility is arguably unmatched. This is a dog that wants a purpose and does its best to fulfill it. The natural behavior of the GSD and World Class K-9 training program allows us to produce a family protection canine that is balanced and well rounded. Through imprinting, socialization, and consistent training. We give families a fun, loving, playful pet as well as a stable, confident, protection dogs that are social yet focused professionals.

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