Fun video with Kash one of our GSD studs, Excellent dog with Excellent working blood. This video also demonstrates how a properly trained home Protection dog can benefit anyone from become the next victim.  Many believe that because they see a dog biting a sleeve in a video that he is a protection dog but this is far from being the case.  A real trained home protection dog must go thru real life situations in order to be prepared and not surprised.  Many companies sell sport dogs with titles as protection dogs when most are focused on the game of biting for reward rather than protecting it’s owner and family.  This type of dog is field tested because to title a dog it must be familiar with the course or training scenario in order to score high, I call them field tested dogs.  Real protection dogs must go thru muzzle work in order to engage a man in plain clothes and they also must work in normal every day settings not ever knowing what to expect.

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