Trained German Shepherd stud
“Striker” Trained German Shepherd stud

Trained German Shepherd male: SOLD

Striker is a 2 year old AKC black and tan male in tact.  He is in training for family/personal protection with a great temperament, nerves and personality.   Trained German Shepherds make some of the best companions for family with natural instinct to protect and guard it’s territory.  With the combination of the right dog and right training you can be sure to have a dog that’s aware of danger and will to protect by any means necessary.  World Class K-9 strives to choose only the best German Shepherds that fit our training program in order to deliver excellent stability for a family setting along with the training qualities needed to deliver the ultimate family/personal protection companion.  This trained German Shepherd stud “Striker” will make an outstanding dog for a family with children that are active but need a dog that can relax and enjoy down time with his family.  Please feel free to call or text us for more information about Striker at 404-787-0587 .  For more available dogs .


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“Striker Male German Shepherd
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“Striker” male German Shepherd



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