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The World Class Way Of Protection Dog Training

In order to be successful at the Art of producing a real family/personal protection dog you have to understand how to build a civil canine to become fearless of man despite the pressure, pain, distraction that one may go thru in order to protect his or her owner/family.

Today the sport industry is promoting sport dogs as protection dogs, there are many reasons why a sport dog can be the furthest away from what you want to protect you and your loved ones. Listed are a few things to look out for to protect you against the fraudulence. No matter how optimized there websites are, how good there video production are, or how educated they may seem. Common sense and understanding how to test there dogs before purchase can save you a lot of time and money.

  1. Handler training for focus heel with ball or toy. Why? Because a dog so focused on toys or balls one can be dangerous for children because they too play with toys and two, balls and toys become more important to play with then protecting handler because in order to gain this type of drive for toys and balls they become what we called “cracked out” over these items. It may look sharp but it is what it is.
  2. If in demo or video you see dog running off leash and hitting decoy with just a sleeve on and nothing else protected, Not a protection dog. If a decoy feels safe allowing a dog to chase and bite what he presents to the dog ( arm, biceps ) then company knows dog is equipment focus or even target focus which is when a dog is only taught to bite a particular part of the body ( bicep bites are becoming more popular ). Ask yourself would anyone present a bite for a dog to bite them (aka catching a dog) ?? Real protection dogs are not caught they catch ( find there own bite ). In a real life situation one would flea or turn to fight not turn and catch a dog.
  3. Another way to trick it’s clients is through agitation. Many trainers demonstrate a dog is aggressive when they agitate the dog sometimes stimulating with a whip. Although this training is necessary for training reasons it’s not a finished protection dog. Any dog would bark at one aggressively if agitated and stimulated to become aggressive for the most part. A finished protection dog will bark aggressively at an individual even if sitting having a cup of coffee, or standing with a weapon. A protection dog will also engage a person if standing completely still. In the streets who agitates dogs? One may act aggressively but the most dangerous man is one who is standing still pointing a gun.

Many trainers today don’t even know that they are not training real protection dogs they are just duplicating what they see from others in this saturated market of fraudulence and inexperience. Yes it’s fun if you enjoy training but it’s not a good look risking someone’s life that really are in need or real protection.