Giant Schnauzer female “Zenka”

in training!  SOLD


Giant Schnauzer female puppy
Giant Schnauzer female Zenka


Vito Sire to Zenka
Ursula mother to Zenka

Introducing “Zenka” Giant Schnauzer female puppy:

Zenka is an 8 month old Giant Schnauzer female puppy in training for family/personal companionship with or without protection.  All of our dogs are chosen and raised with the idea of them becoming a sound effective family or personal protection companion because thats what we are known for but you still have a choice of just receiving our excellent controlled obedience and house manners if that’s all you desire.  Our dogs have been proven as service dogs ( PTSD) also where you can take your dog wherever you go for continued comfort and security.   Zenka would be good for whatever you choose she has graduated from puppy imprinting and we look forward to taking her to her next level of training or customizing her training for her new owners.

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