The Giant Schnauzer “Cooper”  SOLD

The Giant Schnauzer "Cooper"
Cooper the Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer’s are known to be one of the best and strongest family protection dogs known to man.  A beautiful yet intimidating breed with power that’s unexpected from a puppy  Schnauzer look in a large bodacious body.  Cooper is a very loving that’s very watchful over it’s territory and family which makes a perfect balance as a family protection companion.

Cooper is Neutered so not for breeding but in training and will be ready to love and protect.  If your looking for a great family protection companion that’s very lovable , great with children and other dogs, house trained, very obedient and protective and let’s not forget beautiful, we welcome you to come and meet Cooper !

 Cooper is currently in training for level 3 family protection but can be sold at a lesser level if secured before he reaches level 3.  Giant Schnauzers  are not big shedders but because of there long coat they require comping and brushing frequently to avoid matting.  Also grooming is a must in order to keep the cut that you desire such as a lower cut for the summer and a styled longer coat for the winter.  Regardless of the cut be ready to turn heads because the Giant Schnauzer demands attention wherever they go !

Feel free to text or call us at 404-787-0587 or email us at for more details.

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