Doberman Pinscher puppy in training!

“Knuckles” SOLD

NEW Litter due mid October 2017 we will be raising most of the litter and training them out!  Call and reserve yours today and let us custom train one for you and your family !


Doberman Pinscher puppy
Doberman Pinscher puppy Knuckles
Doberman Pinscher puppy sun bathing
Knuckles sun bathing Doberman Pinscher puppy


Introducing “Knuckles”

Simply put an amazing specimen!  Knuckles ( Doberman Pinscher puppy ) has an excellent temperament perfect for small children and other animals.  Knuckles is not only looks stunning but he has a personality to match, he loves being close to you but when he’s not able to be next to your side he patient and calm.  He loves to work when it’s time and has all the qualities needed to become the perfect family/personal protection company.  Knuckles has graduated from his puppy imprinting  school and a video will be posted soon.   For more questions feel free to contact us by email or phone !


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