Group Dog Training Classes all of Metro Atlanta Georgia !

Our Group dog training classes are small groups only ( 2 or 3 people at a time ) in order to provide concentrated focus on each

individual but at the same time provide a atmosphere where people can socialize and have a level of distractions.

Group dog training classes are also good when it comes to dogs feeding off each other when engaged in protection work.  Our

group dog training classes are held once a week typically on the weekend at different locations in order to work dogs

in different environments.  Our group dog training classes are guaranteed to give results each class so long your able to work

your canine companion at home at least once a day throughout the week ( Protection training may require 2-3 times a week depending on dog )

until the next training day the following week.   Like Private classes Group classes are beneficial for both dog and handler so long the

handler has the time to be consistent in order to see the results of the program.  If handler does not have time to be consistent in the program

it’s best to choose a different program such as our boarding school rather than our Group dog training classes.   Socialization although is needed

with whatever your training decision may be to ensure your dog is not fearful of people and and other animals which will help with unwanted

behavior such as people and dog aggression.

at 404-787-0587.


Group dog training classes
Multiple breeds Group dog training class