Here are a few key dog training tips to get you off to a new start with your new companion, you can also visit our News room to learn step by step training aids such as house training a puppy and basic obedience.  Subscribe to our website and get continued education on dog training !  FOR VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS ON DOG TRAINING PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL !  WELCOME TO CANINE TV !

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Dog Training Tips provided by World Class K-9

• Early socialization and Environmental Stress
• Understanding the owners goals, identifying the dog’s temperament and behavioral Challenges
• Executing the proper praise and correction techniques
• Giving clear and concise commands: establishing easy/uncomplicated communication
• Consistency and patience
• Constant reinforcement by owner which rendering “at home maintenance”

What can I expect from World Class K-9 training ?

Training should heighten the bond between owner and pet. World Class K-9 strives to train in a way that is rewarding and enjoyable for all involved. We build confidence as we train. We are competent in the field of training and we guarantee your Family Protection Dogs performance upon the completion of training. We are not in the business of changing temperaments RATHER we modify behavior and instill control. At World Class K-9 training is FUN not feared!  Enjoy more dog training tips by subscribing to our youtube channel.