Trained Dogs pricing and options

World Class K-9 has a plan for everyone , as your dog undergoes training you can make payments based on your pay schedule. Our training programs for obedience trained dogs last for about a month and for family protection dogs, Executive Protection Dogs and Personal Protection Dogs, from 3 months to 6 months for adults, and from 6 months to a year for puppies that are being raised and trained for family protection companions. Once you determine you are interested in a trained dog , contact us and let us know what you are looking for and your situation, once we determine a dog that qualifies and the time that is needed to finish his or her training we will be happy to work out a plan that will work out for us both. If no plan is needed our practice is to take 1/2 of the balance to secure your dog and the other 1/2 upon completion once you have reviewed the video of your dog in training and are completely satisfied. Your new companion is then shipped by ground or air cargo, or your able to visit us to see the demo personally , or we can deliver to your place of residence or business. All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable up to 2 years.

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Trained dogs for sale pricing


The Obedient Controlled Companion

(Obedience ONLY – No bite or protection training)

Priced from $3500-$4500 with on or off leash control

All of our dogs are specially selected companion dogs first with the right temperament and nerves for any type of work. This particular K-9 may or may not warn you of any trespasser at your home or office and may or may not give a form of protection if attacked. They have On or Off Leash Obedience training and is for those people or families who want a quality confident dog with stable nerves, well behaved and obedient as a companion and don’t have the time or desire to get a pup or untrained/unknown dog.

Family / Personal Protection Dog Level 1

The Deterrent K-9 Companion “surprise attack and home invasion proofed “

Priced from $4500-$5500

The level 1 dog is a confident dog trained in Off Leash Obedience, Area Protection and will show an aggressive display on command. On command, this dog will show teeth and will bark at the end of the leash to discourage the aggressor. The behavior is easily stopped with the OUT command or your command or choice. Distractions such as, yelling, stomping, swinging of weapons or other forms of intimidation will not cause this dog to back down. Although this dog may bite an aggressor if he challenged the dog, the level 1 dog is not fully trained to bite or fight as a level 2 or level 3 dog. The level 1 dog’s main purpose is as a deterrent (which can be enough for some situations).

Family / Personal Protection Dog Level 2

On leash Protection Companion “ surprise attacks and home invasion proofed “

Priced from $7500-$9500

The level 2 K-9 is a skilled dog trained in Off-leash in Obedience and on leash in personal protection. The level 2 protection K-9 will show the same aggressive display as the level 1 dog on command but has also been trained using real life scenarios how to bite and fight effectively in defense of his owner and family. The dog is trained to release his bite on command so you will always have full control of your dog on and off leash with a simple one word command.

Family / Personal Protection Dog Level 3

Off leash Protection Companion “surprise attacks and home invasion proofed”

Priced from $10,000 – $15,000

The level 3 K-9 is a more skilled protector that has all the training of the level 2 dog, but is also taught to pursue and capture a fleeing person or stop a threat from a distance upon your command. This more “offensive dog” is trained through real life situations to use its body to knock down then overpower by holding onto it’s challenger. This dog will also release its bite on command from a distance and return to your side. You will have full control of your dog on and off leash with a simple one word command.

Personal / Family Protection Dog Level 4

The Ultimate Protection Companion “ All common real life scenarios “

Priced from $18,000 – $25,000

This Elite Protection Companion is an advanced Level 3 K-9 with the highest level of control and real life proofing based on the protection needs of it’s owner. This Elite Protector is trained to travel & protect from inside a vehicle against a robbery or car jacking , kidnapping, surprise attacks, home invasions, business executive training ( trained to protect the business executive around heavy populated areas and at office. ) and more depending on your protection needs . This Highly socialized dog has been exposed to many different scenarios under many different conditions with the heaviest of distractions. In addition to the Health and Satisfaction guarantees, the Elite dog comes with One Week per year of Free Maintenance Training with free boarding included. Ask us for details!

      Customized Training

A La Carte – Call for Pricing Customized Obedience Package. You can choose a set of 5 or 10 commands or have it your way.

    Pricing Vary per command !

  • Escort
  • Guard and hold
  • crawl to me
  • roll over and stay
  • platz in motion
  • stacking
  • Tracking
  • Guard command
  • speak
  • Special Request !

    Service Dog Training

Take your dog wherever you go!  Public places, Airplanes where ever and however you travel your dog is on your side trained with ultimate controlled obedience and public behavior!

     $8,000 – $10,000

Call us and explain your Service dog needs, World Class K-9 has provided dogs from PTSD to Guide dogs for the blind.  Not only are our service dogs trained for your specific Service dogs needs but so much more!   Call us and let’s discuss your needs and desires so we can provide you with the support that you need !



     Buyer Beware !

 Please educate yourself before purchasing any dog claiming to be a protection dog!  If your in need of a sport dog, buy a sport dog, when in need for a protection dog seek a professional in the field of providing stable personal or family protection dogs and know what to look for, there is a big difference!  Since 1994 World Class K-9 prides itself in the art of training real personal / family protection companions.  World Class K-9 is not only familiar with protection dogs but also sport dogs through retraining disappointed clients that have bought so called protection dogs from other companies that were sport dogs.  This is never an easy task because most sport dogs are trained to be possessive of equipment and toys which makes them safe on the training field because there focus is on the equipment rather than the man.  To wean a dog off of this possessiveness over equipment and toys is difficult, which is the same reason why a sport dog can be unsafe for children !   This is why you see decoy’s taking bites from an off leash dog with no protection other than the sleeve or upper body suite jacket with lower half of the body exposed.  The reason they can feel safe is they know that the dog is not focused on anything other than the equipment!  Or have you ever seen a so called protection dog bite a sleeve and the decoy slips it off and the dog runs around with it in his or her mouth disregarding the bad guy?  Or how about when a dog is doing what they call a bark and hold and the dog is jumping in mans face barking and decoy has no face protection?  Again decoy understands that the dog is trained to bark for the opportunity  and go ahead to bite the sleeve or piece of equipment.    Last but not least if you just see pictures and prices on a website promoting protection dogs for sale and they do not show them working or training the dog,  Buyer Beware.  There are brokers that are into sales that buy sport dogs from over seas or from another company, mark up the prices and sell with absolutely no knowledge on how to train a dog themselves.  They may have the money or advertising experience to get to the first page of google, but only to sell you something they know nothing about.  These are just a few things to watch out for and consider when viewing videos or personal demo’s of available protection dogs.