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dog training
Controlled Focused Obedience


World Class Group session
10 Dogs in training some dog aggressive extended “stay”


pack of dogs
Focused attention pack training


Malinois guarding decoy
Guard command gives strong intimidation to stay still !



Below is an example of  basic off leash obedience training.

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World Class dog training levels !

World Class K-9 is known nationally for superior controlled obedience, behavior modification and personal/family protection training.  World Class K-9 understands through our over 22 years of experience that all dogs are different and there is no one (commercialized) way of training.  We specialize in Advanced obedience, behavior modifications no matter the behavior, problem solving no matter the problem, personal/family protection, service dog training, and customized training.   We understand  ALL methods of training, along with understanding temperaments and personalities, giving us the ability to put the right program for your dog achieving excellent results from the very first day.   Obedience is not just following thru with the commands come, sit, stay, lay down, and heel but to do these commands under heavy distractions in a public social environment.   We understand personal/family lifestyles and go over and beyond the normal training that many have come to expect from the industry.   Our obedience come with not only the 5 basic commands that are typical in the industry we also include the bed command which helps with house training, agility to build good nerves and get more control in obedience, our students also learn to work with other dogs for added control and proofing to assure proper behavior.   We also proof in social environments to assure proper behavior when around people and crowds.

Boarding School 

We are now offering dog training for dogs outside of our in house canine family !  If you desire excellent obedience, behavior modifications and control, personal/family protection training . ( See Below associated programs )

*Free Evaluations !

* Puppy obedience imprinting course ( basic commands uncontrolled, agility )

*Puppy protection imprinting course (build drives, nerves, conditioning, and bite development )

* Basic obedience ( on leash obedience, come ,sit, stay, lay down , heel, Bed command, agility, proofing )

* Advanced obedience ( off leash control, come, sit, stay, lay down, heel, Bed command, agility, proofing, bells and whistles )

* Level 1 Protection ( deterrent, barks on command at end of leash and stands it’s ground )

* Level 2 Protection ( Engage threat on command on leash with proofing in real life situations )

* Level 3 Protection ( Engage threat on command off leash control with proofing in real life situations )

* Level 4 Protection ( Custom work such as article protection, Home/building searches, Guard command etc. )

( Prices range between $750 – $1000 per level depending on dog. )

Our dog training is guaranteed!  Experience World Class K-9 and become part of our family! 

Example of obedience training in progress with 2 different methods of training used producing same results .

Ask about our service dog training !

German Shepherd Service dog
World Class Service dog in airport


Belgian malinois service dogs
Service dogs in training

Protection dog sales and training testimonial 

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