World Class Working Breeds

Although WorldClass K-9 specializes in the Belgian Malinois German Shepherd, Dogo Argentino, Doberman Pinscher and Giant Schnauzers we train and sell the working breed of your choice.  We have a small breeding program for the Belgian Malinois, Dogo Argentino, Doberman Pinscher, German Shephers and Giant Schnauzers but are affiliated with partners that breed other working breeds.  If your interested any any of these working breeds  or others, let us know and we will find and test to assure that you have the right trained stable companion for your family. We only allow dogs with the right temperament, nerves, stability and intelligence into our training program.  If your in the market for a personal or family protection dog it’s important that you let the professional trainer locate the right dog for your situation.  Many think that any of these working breeds can be trained for this type of work but this is far from the truth.  Let us put our 23 years of experience in finding and testing out the dog that we think is best for your situation.  Don’t worry you will still have some say so in the right dog based on looks and personality etc, but it’s important that we work together to assure the best working companion that fits your families lifestyle the best.