At World Class K-9 we specialize in selling trained dogs. Each dog is sold based on his or her potential and each dog must go through testing to ensure stability, strong nerves and also tested for proper drives before entering into our program. We have dogs that are raised and trained for the family protection companion as well as for guard duty. It\’s important for us to understand your needs and desires before choosing a dog, so please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding any of our trained dogs so we can ensure proper placement.

Giant Schnauzer “Cooper”

Giant Schnauzer “Cooper”

The Giant Schnauzer “Cooper” Giant Schnauzer’s are known to be one of the best and strongest family protection dogs known to man.  A beautiful yet intimidating breed… Read More

German Shepherd - Blaze

German Shepherd male “Blaze”

Blaze is a german shepherd that’s in training for family companionship with just obedience or with protection. He can be trained to any level of protection. Blaze is also house trained and good with children and other dogs.

Waya 2

Belgian Malinois female “Waya”

Waya is a Belgian Malinois that’s in training for Family protection companionship. She is doing very well and looking forward to her new home ! She is also house trained and have been socialized well including other dogs.

German Shepherd male “Mika”

German Shepherd male “Mika”

Mika is a german shepherd that’s available for family protection companionship. He is off leashed trained and working in level 2 protection.