Dutch Shepherd female puppy

Dutch Shepherd female puppy “Mya”

Dutch Shepherd female puppy “Mya” In Training!     Introducing “Mya” female Dutch Shepherd puppy Mya is a beautiful dark red sable female puppy Dutch Shepherd.  Along with her exotic unique color she has an exciting loving temperament with a willing attitude to learn whatever you put in front of […]

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Puppy Giant Schnauzer female

Giant Schnauzer female puppy “Zenka”

Giant Schnauzer female “Zenka” in training!     Introducing “Zenka” Giant Schnauzer female puppy: Zenka is an 8 month old Giant Schnauzer female puppy in training for family/personal companionship with or without protection.  All of our dogs are chosen and raised with the idea of them becoming a sound effective […]

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Male Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher puppy in training “Knuckles”

Doberman Pinscher puppy in training! “Knuckles”     Introducing “Knuckles” Simply put an amazing specimen!  Knuckles ( Doberman Pinscher puppy ) has an excellent temperament perfect for small children and other animals.  Knuckles is not only looks stunning but he has a personality to match, he loves being close to […]

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Solid White red nose American Pit bull “Chico”

American Pit bull White Red nose “Chico” Chico is an excellent addition to any family that wants an excellent obedient companion with excellent protection. Chico has it all at only 8 months to be whatever you want him to be. Chico is currently in training for advanced obedience and level […]

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Giant schnauzer puppy

Giant Schnauzer male “Muzjak”

      Giant Schnauzer male puppy “Muzjak” This tall and handsome fella is ready for the world !  Already watchful and focused on his surrounding he’s progressing very rapidly in our program.  Muzjak is also an import from champion Euro lines and has a great personality, confidence and temperament, […]

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Giant Schnauzer male puppy “Carlos”

  Giant Schnauzer male puppy “Carlos Santana” Carlos is another great imported puppy Giant Schnauzer that just entered into our puppy training program and he’s also expected to graduate with honors!  Carlos has great drive and focus for anything his handler throws his way.  We are really excited about this […]

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Giant Schnauzer puppy

Giant Schnauzer male puppy “Cool Boy”

  Giant Schnauzer “Cool Boy” Cool Boy is a 3 month old male import puppy Giant Schnauzer.  Cool boy has started his puppy imprinting with World Class K-9 and is doing very well.  Cool Boy picks up on things quickly and has all that we look for when it comes […]

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Trained American Bully “Max”

  American Bully “Max” Max is currently enrolled in our puppy imprinting program !  As with all of our dogs Max has been screened, evaluated and proven to be a great candidate for our World Class training program!  Max loves children and other dogs, he’s smart and loves attention and […]

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Trained American Bully “Bobby”

    Trained Male American Bully puppy  “Bobby” is a puppy American Bully that in now enrolled into our World Class puppy imprinting program.  Bobby is very good with children and will be a good as a great obedient family companion, service dog, or even family protection companion.  Bobby also […]

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