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The Family Protection Companion

World Class K-9  Specializing in Controlled Protection Dogs 

Family Protection Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs and Guard Dogs are in high demand. Rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny, and auto theft are counted amongst the most common crimes committed even in small communities.  As   the crime rate continues to escalate, no one is immune it’s impact. To have a sense of security walking or jogging, while children are home alone or as you sleep at night is becoming an ever-increasing challenge. The dire need for protection is not simply a matter of luxury; rather, it is a necessity.

For those in denial, under the assumption that “it”-being a victim of crime-can only happen to someone else and failing to employ the most effective measures possible to protect yourself and your loved ones, makes them the ideal candidate for a criminal attack. Harm is lurking and can occur at anytime.  Criminals can penetrate virtually any home, building or premises so your ultimate goal should be to implement multiple forms of crime prevention in order to reduce the risk of being a victim.

In the stream of time in which we live, it is imperative that you reduce the opportunities for a criminal to take assault you, you’re family or your property.  Therefore, you must layer your

protection to prevent either victimization or criminalization.

Making yourself less of a target is simpler than you might think. Present the criminal with an unexpected and unattractive target. One that he cannot disable such as the traditional alarm system. The reality is that a conventional alarm system is incapable of warning or deterring the intruder before entering the home.  


Typically, it takes several minutes before the police arrive which is enough time for the criminal to wreak some havoc upon your household. Although alarm systems have been very helpful, as a crime prevention tactic an alarm system cannot think, as it actively perceives a threat, it cannot respond to verbal commands to defend against an immediate threat and it cannot immobilize an attacker/robber/criminal to name just a few advantages of having a “Family Protection Canine”. World Class K-9 has been in the security industry professionally since 1994. Due to well developed expertise and industry experience we have discovered that one of the best deterrents and counted amongst the most efficient protection systems ranks the “Family Protection Canine”.


Although dogs sleep and their eyes are closed, a “Family Protection Canine” senses remain alert.  They naturally react when they hear a foreign/abnormal noises based on the time of day.  A “Family Protection Canine” has a keen sense of hearing that is on average 10 times better than a humans sense of hearing. Also, a “Family Protection K-9” has a sense of smell that is 25 times greater than that of humans.   The “Family Protection Canine” is not only a dog with the ability to disable a man threatening the life of him or his loved ones but just as importantly, a “Family Protection Canine” has an even/balanced temperament which enables it to be a loving, affectionate and loyal harmless threat to the family with which it resides. 

It is a misconception that a dog trained for protection work is dangerous.  We have found truthfully that a dog is much safer with specialized training then without it.   A canine with natural protective instincts has no control; however, with the proper training the owner takes the advantage and gains control through your dogs understanding of the balance that exists through commands and obedience.   Here at “Family Protection K-9” we provide individual and families with a TRUE“Family Protection Canine” because our training consists of real life situations through real life scenarios.  It is a well known fact that many trainers or “chain” training companies only proof dogs on fields and through protection trials; nevertheless, they fail to put the dogs in “real life” situations and what results? When a “real life” threat occurs and someone attacks your person or aggressively invades your home, the dog goes into shock or cowards because the pressure is to great for the titled dog or field-tested dog to handle.  Once the intruder detects fear in a dog he/she most likely will continue the attack.  A “Family Protection Canine” is well socialized and is “real life tested”.  “Family Protection Canines” are familiar with how to react to various noises in various surroundings and perceives the difference between being in a relaxed environment and someone kicking in a door or jumping out of the bushes with the aim of causing harm.

Our training program is lead by World Class Trainers of 20 plus years of experience. We are known first for our love of dogs and then the ability to communicate with them because we understand not only the breeds we specialize in but also they’re thinking.  The “World Class K-9” is family owned and operated and all are involved including children.  Our dogs are hand selected and our socialization is immediate. Training begins as early as 6 weeks and our dogs are handled not only by the assigned handler but also by children for the duration of the training period. This also applies to our Personal Protection Training Program. Each of our programs achieves the desired results.  A “Family Protection Canine” is the ultimate family protection companion safeguarding families around the world.  Please visit our dogs for sale page or contact us directly for more details.

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